Thursday, 29 July 2010


How ironic.

I had the day of today so decided to spend a little time looking at the latest methods and strategies people were implementing in order to be a little more friendly to the environment. In other words - going green.

Well I went to Google as you do and typed in Go Green. As luck would have it the first site that popped up said going green.

Can you imagine I got my note pad out and thought to myself - yes, a few more ideas I can share and hopefully show my customers that I know what I'm talking about. After all I do work in the waste transfer and recycling industry.

OK - moving on. Click on the site. Advert for a new electric car. Hold on a minute. Surely this is some government funded site that is going to provide useful information to someone like myself who wants to make a difference.

How wrong I was - as the full content of the site was in relation to buying a new or used electric car - as long as you buy it from them I might add. Not a mention in relation to the environment. I mean I can't grudge someone capitalising on a good URL in relation to the environment - but at least give something back.

I guess if I want to learn a little more about how I can contribute to looking after the environment - I'm probably going to have to dig just a little bit further. . .

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