Thursday, 12 August 2010

In The Bin

For some this may be alarming, whist for others a response might be "no surprise there".

Whilst conducting some research and in particular looking at and, I noted that in the UK approximately 60% of what the average house hold throws away has the potential to be recycled.

The fact is - the majority of the time that we throw our waste into the dust bin, the option to recycle is vastly diminished. For this reason I started to research companies that come and collect your waste and recycle.

Having looked more extensively into the recycling of our waste, I do know firsthand that some London councils are not taking their waste directly to landfills, so the figure above does decrease. Still, what more could we do and how much do we know about what happens to our rubbish once it leaves our door?

Not for one minute am I saying that recycling is cheap, but at the same time I do know it can be profitable.

Whilst living in North America nearly twenty years ago I took the liberty to collect plastic bottles. I took them to bottle banks which in return gave me a fee. Sometimes this was even enough for me to buy a meal.

Fact: If we just recycled our tin cans, we'd have 14 million fewer dust bins to empty each year. My question was why was there so little information when you looked into recycling tips on the internet in the UK.

Why are we so quick to throw away and why do we know so little about our options in regards to recycling?

Conclusion: Not necessarily always the cheapest option, but rather than just throwing into a bin or skip - I'd much rather give my waste to a company where the waste is going to be given a chance.


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